FYP is shit

I’m sorry to all my readers but in this post, I’m just gonna rant everything out here ! For those who are interested in hearing out what I’m gonna say, move on !

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Hello again!

Hello again readers ! It’s definitely more than a month since I last blog. I was so busy with my school work – currently in my Final Year Project (FYP) and I’ve been struggling to complete the 1st half of my project before interim presentation.

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Parent sue school for confiscating son’s phone for 3 months – My opinion

Recently, there is a case whereby one of the school in Singapore confiscated one of their student’s phone for 3 months because he is using it in class. The father of the student sent an email to the school stating that the phone was his and demanded to be returned immediately. The school did not replied and the father took the school’s principle to court. This news was so big that it actually made its way to one of the popular tech news site based in U.S – 9to5Mac. If you guys want to read the whole story, you can refer to the Straits Times article > StraitsTimes.com.

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A week left till the end of Internship

Metta Welfare Association
Source: MWA
26th May 2017 will be the last day of my Internship at Metta Welfare Association before I will get back to school to do my final year project. Honestly, I will miss my days working there as an Intern bcause I’ve met a lot of friends there. Some are very nice, very friendly and very helpful but some are not that friendly and not that helpful – I won’t mention any names because it is not good to mention names on social media whereby everyone can see what is been written here and is not being respectful.

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