End of FYP

Finally FYP has ended. For me, FYP has ended on the 15 August after my final presentation and I have absolutely nothing to do (except for submitting all my project files to my supervisor) till 18 August – the official end date for everyone.

You might ask, do I really miss FYP? A little I guess??? With all those fun being with my friends, going out to eat, changing a lab into a mini function room etc. It was really fun and I do miss it, just that.

Apart from that, I don’t think I miss anything else cos why should I miss something that only gives my headache and stress right?

So now we all have that 2 months of school holiday, time for work. However I don’t really have any work because my workplace has been close for renovation… I don’t know when it will reopen again.

Apart from this, I have a school job as a part time student helper who troubleshoot PC, making sure everything is running well, installing new updates, software etc. It’s my type of job.

I’m somewhat free for awhile as I still have to wait for approval from director before I can start work cos it’s exam period for the rest of the students so the school doesn’t want any students to work… Kinda hard to explain but anyways, I’m just really free.

Well, I really hope I could start work soon if not, I’ll be bored to death and also I need money, seriously. I’m soon going to declare bankrupt if I don’t work soon. Wish me luck !

Anyways, that is all for today. Will see you guys soon.



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