FYP finishing soon !!

I really really can’t wait for FYP to end in like 10 more days? FYP was the worst nightmare that I’ve experienced. Everyone asked me why I hate my FYP so much when everyone enjoy it so much. I guess my previous post already explain it all right? (Refer to: “FYP is shit” post).

From the start of FYP till now, I didn’t really have a good enough rest. Everyday was a hell to me, so tiring. Everyone told me to take a break in between but honestly, how to? I’m so so so stressed about this. What I want need is FYP to end and get a good enough result – like a pass will do. I don’t ask for much as I know I won’t do well for my FYP.

Oh well, just a little more till it ends. Never gonna give up. Anyway, thank you for everyone who supported me all the way from the start. 🙂

Yep, that is all for today. Peace out! ✌️


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