FYP is shit

I’m sorry to all my readers but in this post, I’m just gonna rant everything out here ! For those who are interested in hearing out what I’m gonna say, move on !

FYP sucks! It’s more like a prison than a school. I have so much restrictions. I can’t have my morning breakfast in school? I can’t rest for awhile? I can’t talk to my friends? I can’t have lunch break? I can’t have break in between? Hey, this is worst than a prison.

I know I’m fking stupid but do you really have to compare me to another student? Of cos I can’t do well in things that I don’t have the skills in. How come other school can choose what they want to in their project while this school can’t? Force student to do what they can’t do? It is not I doesn’t want to learn, how dafuq can I learn when you as the teacher doesn’t understand your own student?

I’m fking stressed out man. I can’t sleep well cos I’ve been thinking what can I do to improve on this shit. Let me tell you, you as a senior lecturer for Software Engineering doesn’t even provide a good lecture notes and so nobody can even fking understand what dafuq you are teaching. If I don’t understand your lecture notes, how dafuq can I create an e-learning material for students to read and understand?

You always come here to check on me but you can’t find me because I’m not around and you are not happy about it. WHERE DAFUQ ARE YOU WHEN I’M AROUND THEN?! You told me you are coming but in the end, you didn’t. You postpone the presentation but you didn’t tell me. My fault for not asking? Your fault for not telling me!

Hey, I’m a human. I’m not your fking dog. When I’m not good at something, you as a teacher, should teach me. Yes, it’s my project BUT when I’m doing my best, YOU DON’T FKING TRUST ME!

Fk this shit seriously! I’m done, I AM REALLY DONE!!


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