Hello again!

Hello again readers ! It’s definitely more than a month since I last blog. I was so busy with my school work – currently in my Final Year Project (FYP) and I’ve been struggling to complete the 1st half of my project before interim presentation.

Most of my friends have already completed their 1st half of their project and have already presented while I’m still working on it. Reason being that my supervisor is quite demanding and there’s things that I’m not too sure about how to do. Unfortunately, he told me to research by myself… what the~

It’s very annoying that whenever I need help from the teacher, they are unable to help… I’m very disappointed but whatsoever. If nobody is gonna help me, I’m just gonna help myself. My grades are much more important so I might as well spent more time figuring out how to do and improve my project before the interim presentation.

Well, I got to go back to work as tomorrow morning is my interim presentation. I shall see what I can do to further improve my project.

See ya !


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