Parent sue school for confiscating son’s phone for 3 months – My opinion

Recently, there is a case whereby one of the school in Singapore confiscated one of their student’s phone for 3 months because he is using it in class. The father of the student sent an email to the school stating that the phone was his and demanded to be returned immediately. The school did not replied and the father took the school’s principle to court. This news was so big that it actually made its way to one of the popular tech news site based in U.S – 9to5Mac. If you guys want to read the whole story, you can refer to the Straits Times article >

Yes I know. Rules are rules and one must not break the rule. No matter who set the rules, you just have to follow the rules. However, I find that confiscating a phone for 3 months just because the student was using it in class is too much. Wait no, I should rephrase it. It’s 2017 and confiscating a phone or anything else, is just way too much. You guys could argue with me as much as you want but that is my opinion.

Honestly, it is just a phone. Whats the big deal of using it in class or school or wherever is it? Using phone in class might get the students distracted and not listen in class but hey, that is the student’s fault for not listening so if he didn’t get a good result then it is their own problem. You should not confiscate someone’s property just because they are using it in class.

“Confiscate” shoudn’t be a rule at all. Think about it, what if there is an emergency? For example, someone called the student and told them that so-and-so has been admitted to the hospital and you need to hurry down the hospital. Argue with me that they can called the school instead. But what if, that person who called the students doesn’t know which school he is in? Or he or she doesn’t know the school’s number? Google for it? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Okay fine. School rules are school rules. Teachers and principals are using their phone too right? Why aren’t the school confiscate it? Why? They have more “emergency” than the students? They need the phone more than the student? They are suppose to just teach the students whatever the subject is and that is it. Do you need phone to do that? Nope, I don’t think so. Let’s all be fair alright?

All schools must know that nowadays we use phones, computers etc. much more than before because technology is everywhere and it is growing everyday. Everything and anything that you want or need to know is on the web. C’mon, please grow up. Drop this school rule, it ain’t worth your time to confiscate the phone.

That is just my opinion on this, argue all you want to.

Peace out! ✌️


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