1 week have passed…

Internship ended 2 weeks ago and we have already started our Final Year Project (FYP) a week ago. If you asked me, I would tell you that Internship was way easier than FYP – most likely is because I don’t have much things to do and not too stress over at Internship.

It has been a very long time since I last posted as it is because I have no time to blog. Everyday was just project, project, project and nothing else. For my FYP, I’m working on a project called the “e-learning development for Software Engineering module”. Basically I have to convert some of the topics of the Software Engineering module to e-learning and make it more simple, interactive etc. I was told by my supervisor that it is not an easy task and require a lot of thinking but he just gave me one day to do it. In one day, I have to come up with this and that then the next day this and that. Everyday there will always be an improvement.

Other supervisors won’t visit their students everyday, mostly it is like twice a week? I think so. For my supervisor, he is like meeting me every single day and he told me not to go for too much lunch break, weekends have to continue to do the project. wow… I legit got no time for myself. Not only this project, I still have other project such as the Raspberry PI project. He told me to go and research on that and see how it is being done. Blah blah blah… Long story…

Well, I couldn’t complain too much because during Internship I was actually “more free” than others so maybe it is my turn to be stress and start doing more work than others.

It is just the first week of FYP and there is still 11 more weeks to go.

Good luck to me and for the rest, jiayou!


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