A week left till the end of Internship

Metta Welfare Association
Source: MWA
26th May 2017 will be the last day of my Internship at Metta Welfare Association before I will get back to school to do my final year project. Honestly, I will miss my days working there as an Intern bcause I’ve met a lot of friends there. Some are very nice, very friendly and very helpful but some are not that friendly and not that helpful – I won’t mention any names because it is not good to mention names on social media whereby everyone can see what is been written here and is not being respectful.

I’ve been in the IT department overseeing all the computers, printers, servers etc. related to IT. Every hour or so, there will be a phone calls everywhere whereby end users will ask “what happen to my computer”, “how come some Word document could not be open” etc. As an IT guy in the company, the end user will expect you to solve evey bits of their problem within seconds and while you are thinking on how to solve the issue, they will ask their next question and more question which honestly, I’m very stress – not just me but all the staff in IT department.

Days goes by and I’m still troubleshooting all of the end user’s issue. I’ve learnt to be a lot more patience when trying to fix their issue as I know that not all user are tech-savvy.

Apart from troubleshooting end user’s issues, I’ve been formatting all the PC for the new staff and installing all those necessary programs for them to work on. Also upgrading the PC from 32-bit to 64-bit so to make the computer faster. Not an easy task as I have to go through a lot of Windows Updates and also installing a lot of drivers so it is compatible with 64-bit.

I’m also creating an network diagram for the server room, something that I’ve never done before and I actually use some one of the tool taught by the school to create the network diagram which is Lucidchart. I find it easy to use and it’s easy to understand. Creating monthly IT report is also part of my job and I won’t get in detail with that because of company’s confidential information.

Anyways, working in an office environment is new to me as I didn’t work in the office before and at first I didn’t get used to it but when time goes by, I started to got used to it.

Well my internship is gonna be over soon and it’s time for me to go back school. I might go back there to work again as a full timer. Maybe, we’ll never know. Only time will tell.

Before I end this post, I would like to thank everyone who have help me to get through Internship especially my Internship Industry Mentor and my one of colleague. Without them, this Internship won’t be that fun at all. I’ve learnt quite a number of things from them. I will definitely miss them a lot when I leave the company but I will go and find them when I have the time. Thank you, you make my Internship fun and exciting journey.

Alright that’s all for me. Catch you on the next one.



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