Cheating? A choice or a mistake?

I always came across a blog post or an article that one party is cheating on their partner and I’ll somehow get so angry.

I mean like he/she is your boyfriend/girlfriend, you know it so what for you go and cheat on them? Doesn’t mean that you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, you can cheat on them and go for someone else. It really hurts ok? You will never understand how that feeling is till you get it yourself.

I myself will never ever cheat because I hate cheating so what for I cheat? Does it bring me any good? Absolutely NO!!

Cheating in examination is NEVER the same as cheating in a relationship. Cheating in examination will only get you into trouble, just you. Cheating in a relationship might not hurt you, but it hurt the other party. It already hurt to see your own boyfriend/girlfriend get hurt so what for hurt them more?

A relationship is not a freaking test or exam, so why would you cheat then? You won’t get great marks, you will only get karma.

I really hate those kind of people who don’t take relationship seriously! If you don’t want to take the relationship seriously, just don’t get a boyfriend/girlfriend. Seriously! OH MY GOD!

If you ever cheat on your boyfriend/girlfriend, karma will make sure you will end up with the bitch you deserve!

Cheating is NEVER a mistake

It’s ALWAYS a choice


2 thoughts on “Cheating? A choice or a mistake?

  1. Dishonesty, which is what cheating boils down to, is the one thing I absolutely cannot abide in a relationship. Everyone tells little lies all day long– “Hi, how are you?” “Fine.” No, I’m not fine, but I won’t tell you my life story, either. “Hey, do you want to work late Thursday?” asks my boss. Are you kidding me? No, I want to go home and have a glass of wine and be a person. “Sure, of course.” All these little lies, all day, to people who don’t matter. Therefore, the ones who do matter had better be absolutely honest. Even if it sucks to hear the truth, sometimes.


    1. Yep! I totally agree with you. Honesty is the key to every success but sometimes you just have to give a little lie to get though something.
      However in a relationship, I just can’t accept cheating. There is absolutely no way I’m gonna accept people who cheat in a relationship.

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