MacBook Pro concept – physical keyboard are just meh…

Photo: Daniel Brunsteiner


Designer Daniel Brunsteiner created this beautiful 2018 MacBook Pro concept that entirely replace the physical keyboard with a full-size touchpad – think of it as a touchbar that is found on the current MacBook Pro (2016) but in full-size on the entire keyboard area.

According to Daniel, the Apple Pencil is also compatible with this MacBook Pro so professionals could create their artwork using applications like Adobe Photoshop better than before.

Check out the concept below.

If Apple really make this concept a real thing, the next MacBook Pro will cost a lot more than the current generation MacBook Pro.

I would give this concept a 9.0/10 rating because it is an amazing idea, I would want to try this out but completely replace the physical keyboard with a touch-based keyboard will be hard for me to type, not just me but anyone who just prefer a physical keyboard.

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Source: Yanko Design via CultofMac 


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