Review: Love You to Bits


Love You to Bits is an iOS game developed by Alike Studio in collaboration with

Honestly I never knew there is this game available on App Store until it was made to the Apple’s Free App of the Week section in March 2017.

This game is very interesting and it is a puzzle game with a simple control – point-and-click. At each level, there is item that you have to collect in order to complete the level and also some collectibles in order to complete the game.

This game is about Kosmo, a very clumsy rookie space explorer finding for his missing robot girlfriend, Nova. Yes, it is about the love between robots, how Kosmo fight through his way to find Nova. Don’t judge me, but this game is actually very cute. I like cute stuff.


After a fatal accident in outer space, Nova’s body has been broken into pieces and scattered around the world. Kosmo was very sad and because he love Nova so much, he risk his life trying his very best to find all of Nova’s body pieces to fix them back.


Along the way, you will be able to explore all those beautiful world, cute characters, aliens and also be able to see the love story between Kosmo and Nova.

Honestly, I almost cried because of the game because I was able to imagine this games as if it is real. It is a very interesting and touching love story. One of the best game I’ve ever play, great graphics, great story-line, great soundtrack that fits the game. It is just perfect.

I would highly recommend everyone to try out this game. Trust me, you won’t regret it. Also, this game has won several awards such as GameLab 2016 Best Game.

It is available on the App Store for $3.99 and as confirmed by the developers, it will be coming to Android, PC and Mac soon.

Visit their official website:

Facebook page:

Twitter profile:


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