Will Uber survive?

Source: TechCrunch

In 2015, Apple CEO Tim Cook wants to remove Uber’s iOS app from the App Store due to violation of the Apple App Store’s guidelines. Just last December, Uber has been accused of tracking it’s customers even after their trip ends. Uber did explained about it’s location tracking issue however, there is still some more location issue – on the current Uber’s app (v3.241.2), there is no way to set the Location Service to “While Using the App” as there is only 2 options – “Never” or “Always”.

Even after the phone has been reset, Uber still are able to track your phone and this practice is called “Fingerprinting” which is not allowed on Apple App Store. If found, app developer will be warned and if the issue are not fixed by the developer, the app will be banned and removed from the App Store.

To prevent this from happening, Uber actually modify it’s code and “geofenced” Apple Headquarters in Cupertino so Apple employees within the Apple HQ won’t be able to see Uber’s fingerprinting. As you might expect, Uber got caught and this serious issue has been taken to the highest position at Apple, Tim Cook.

Tim Cook then called Uber CEO Travis Kalanick for a meeting to settle the issue. Tim Cook told Travis to stop this practice and comply to it’s App Store guidelines – if not, it will be completely removed from the App Store.

According to The Verge’s report:

Uber has faced backlash on numerous fronts in recent months, following revelations that the company has used secret programs to evade government regulators and to track rival drivers, tracked customers without permission, and is being sued for allegedy stealing proprietary information regarding self-driving cars from Alphabet’s Waymo. The company has also faced criticism for its toxic workplace culture following a blog post from a former engineer, and company trips to a South Korean escort bar. This latest revelation adds to the mounting PR problem that the company faces, due in part to the leadership style of its CEO.

As for my own opinion, I don’t think Uber will be able to survive in a long run. Most of the people has already #deleteuber and switched to another platform such as Lyft in the U.S, Grab in Southeast Asia and etc.

If Uber really want to stay in the car sharing market, they really need to change their tactics. and step up it’s game.


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