Lazy Pig | Quick summary of my life

Lazy Pig

Today I woke up around 12+ and was so tired. Ya, I know. Sleeping like a pig and woke up around 12+ and still tired? Whattttt??? Sleeping for the whole day is never ever enough but whatever, who doesn’t like to sleep right? πŸ˜‚

Just my life…

Anyways while I was lying on my bed, I was thinking about my current life. It seems like I really have no one to talk to, except for my gf and my cousin. My phone only vibrates when they text me and nobody else… Sometimes I just wonder… Do I really have friends? πŸ˜”

There is nothing much to talk about because it’s either I’m home, working or out with my gf or my cousin. That’s all… It really does feel like shit…

I mean I can’t really expect my gf or my cousin to talk to me 24/7 right because they have their own life right and I can’t possibly just control their life like forcing them to always talk to me. That will be so selfish of me. So I was just like whatever, if that’s my life then that’s my life.

I’ll just keep smiling… My life goes on with or without them… πŸ™‚


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