A lazy Sunday

Finally a rest day for me today. It’s been a total of 2 weeks straight working days for me and I was really tired.

Money is really hard to earn, you got to work a lot in order to earn enough money to feed yourself.

When it comes to spending money, it was way too damn fast. Every month, you got pay $51 for bus and train ride (Student concession pass – hybrid pass) because if you don’t, you got to pay around ~$80 for every bus and train ride because you got to top up when the balance is low…

Today was a good rest though it wasn’t enough. Staying at home, watching shows and taking a nap is what we truly called, life.

You don’t have to go work, you don’t have to worry about stuff, basically it’s just you and your bed. Though you won’t earn any money just by being at your bed but you get what I mean right?

I hope everyday was like this (if I don’t have to go out to work just to earn money) 😂

Post first posted on my Dayre: https://dayre.me/jonnyjon/oeNeB7wZhC


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