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I guess you guys already know that ShopBack existed and also know what is it all about. For some of you who doesn’t know what is ShopBack, let me do explain it to you briefly.

What is ShopBack?

ShopBack is a platform whereby when you purchase an item online, you will get a cashback. The cashback is usually around (up to) 5%, 20% and so on depends on which stores you bought it from.

For example, if you purchase an item from Lazada through ShopBack, you will get a cashback up to 11% (refer here). For purchases from Taobao through ShopBack, you will get a cashback up to $50 rewards (refer here).

There’s tons of stores you can shop through ShopBack such as Zalora, AliExpress, Apple Online, Timberland and etc. You see the whole list of shops here (refer here).

How does it work?

Go to, sign up for an account first. If you sign up using my link (here), you will get a $5 bonus after your first transaction using ShopBack (however, you will need to make a transaction that is $25 or more than).

Once have successfully signed up and logged in, browse all the stores on ShopBack website to see whether if there is anything that you want to purchase (note: only purchases through ShopBack will have a cashback and also you must meet the individual store terms and conditions too).

Once you find the stores, click on it. Shop as usual on the store’s site and make a purchase. Once the transaction is successful, you should see the total amount of cashback within 48 hours under the “pending” tab. Once validated by the merchant, you will cashback will turn from “pending” to “redeemable”. Usually it will take about 30 to 60 days to ensure there is no cancellation return or exchange.

You will then be able cashout your total amount of cashback under the “redeemable” tab (minimum cashback amount is $10). You will also be able to cashout your “bonus” if you have any.

Read my instructions but still unsure? You may read up on the official webpage too (refer here).

And that is all! Remember to sign up using my link here: to get a $5 bonus!


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and images taken are from ShopBack website itself.


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