Protecting the Internet – The Internet Defence League

I believe in free Internet. What I mean by free Internet is not about not paying for your Internet bills but it is about the freedom of Internet. One good example is government censorship. Why censor a website when you allow your own citizen to use the Internet? Internet is there for people to surf websites, stream music and videos and etc.

As most of you should know by now, Mainland China has block Google, Twitter, Instagram and all other big companies outside its territory. However, it allow it’s own social media platform like Weibo, Baidu and much more.

You may refer to this full list of websites being blocked by Mainland China in Wikipedia, some of the websites has been lifted the ban apparently.

I mean what for? Is it really necessary? I just don’t get it seriously.

That is why I vote to protect the Internet, to free the Internet. You may refer to the badge found on the sidebar.

For more information about the Internet Defence League, refer to here.


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