Internship is (tiring)…

It’s been a while since I last posted and I want to talk about Internship. It is really tiring, working in the office from 0830 to 1730. Though sometimes I don’t really have things to do but waking up so early for work is very tiring (thought waking up for school early is over) šŸ˜¦

The things I do over here isn’t much, just troubleshooting PCs, researching and writing a report and creating / preparing a PowerPoint for presentation. Sometimes, got to go to different places to set up and monitor computers and also troubleshoot. And most of times, I got nothing to do.

When boredom strikes, sleep is your way out but since I’m on Internship program so I can’t sleep. When you are very bored, you will be tired. Really tired.

In your mind, you will be like “all of my friends have things to do, why I don’t have?” “Am I really doing the right thing by just staring at the computer screen?”

Of course you guys could argue that I could ask my mentor for things to do or other colleagues but really, they also have nothing for me to do. So don’t ask why I didn’t request for work to do.

My mentor once told me to get used to it. Because here, everyone will work in a slower pace compared to other companies. At first when he joined this company, he didn’t get used to it. But eventually, he got used to it.

The colleagues are nice and friendly though I don’t really see anyone around my age (I’m the youngest here) so communication here is really less.

Well at least there’s free food over here for me to enjoy my lunch and also YouTube Music and 987FM. When I have no songs to play on YouTube, that is when I switch to 987FM especially in the morning. That is like my daily routine. And that will accompany me throughout the day. Also here in the office, there isn’t any Wi-Fi connection and cellular connection is really really slow… Argh…

Well, there is really nothing much to say because there isn’t really much to say.

For those who read every words in my blog, thank you for being here. šŸ™‚


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