How to charge your iPhone faster? [Tips]

Technology is growing and we have lots of technology in our phones, tablets, computers and so on.

One of the technology is called Fast Charging which you can find it in most Android phones. What about the iPhone? For all iPhone users will know that there is no Fast Charging technology built-in into the phone and as compared to other Android phones with Fast Charging built-in, the iPhone will charge very slowly.

So is there any way that  we charge could charge the iPhone faster? Yes, there is. Let’s move on!

Use an iPad power adapter

All iPhone came with a 5w, 1A power adapter for you to charge your iPhone (obviously) and if you use a iPad power adapter which is 12w, 2.1A. Needless to say, it can charge your iPhone faster than the 5w, 1A power adapter that came with the iPhone itself.

Apple Support also state that the iPad adapter can be use to charge the iPhone too! Link here:

Turn off Airplane Mode

Your cellular data/Wi-Fi will always use lots of battery as it’s always trying to find the nearest cell tower for you, creating a signal, get the information (iMessage, WhatsApp and etc.) for you. So if you want to charge your iPhone faster, you could turn off Airplane Mode.

Steps to turn off AirPlane Mode:

  1. Swipe up to reveal the Control Centre
  2. Tap on the Airplane Mode icon
  3. You will then see it’s been turn on, it also will show on the status bar.

Alternative steps:

  1. Go to your > Airplane Mode > Turn it on.

Please do note that once you turn on the Airplane Mode, you won’t be able to receive any messages, phone calls, surf the internet and etc.

That is all. Thank you.


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