A look back in 2016

Before the year ends, I want to talk about 2016.

2016 was a great year – got new friends, getting to hang out with all those friends, new stuff and etc. but of course, good things always come with a price – and it is quite expensive. Well, sort of.

My 21st birthday this year was the best one yet. My girlfriend and my friends plan a birthday party for me which frankly speaking, my first time having a birthday party.

It was the best and I can’t forget everyone (more than I expected) that came down to celebrate my birthday.

It was awkward at first but we managed to have fun in the end thanks to those hyper ones.

Thank you to the those who came down to celebrate my birthday!

So a few months later, things start to happen and ya, lost some friends and I really don’t even know what is the reason behind it.

Well, I know it’s my fault that I spent more time with my girlfriend than you guys but honestly, I did talk to you guys, joke with you guys but you guys just forget about the good times we had together.

Even if I try to talk it out, you guys just ignore me and thinks that I’m wrong… I’m sorry, it’s “my fault” anyways… -.-‘ Good luck to you guys then.

However it’s okay now, I don’t need you guys anymore as I could manage it with my another group of friends or if not, I could manage it by myself. I’ve learnt to be more independent than last time.

2016 was a great year but it is a hell year which is honestly, stressing me out.

I’ve to go school to study and then have to go work to earn myself a living.

Total I have 3 part time jobs and so in a week, I only have a day or two to rest.

I’m really really tired and at any single point of time, I could just collapse… My life…

But I manage to get through it with a huge amount of support from my lovely girlfriend.

I love her a lot !

During the times when I’m down, she is the who always be with me without fail, supporting me, caring for me and loving me.

A “thank you” isn’t enough to show how much I appreciate her.

I love her a lot.

And yep that’s all.

I know I know, there’s a total of 365 days in a year but that’s my life. Short and simple. Not too fancy yea.

Boring life ya hahaha

Alright that is all for me.

Thank you so much for your time!


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