Grab VS Uber – Which is better?

Most of us (in fact everyone) wants to get to our destination as fast as possible and as convenient as possible however, we do come to a point whereby we can’t rush the train or the bus and most of time, we can’t even flag a cab.

That’s when two another transportation services was introduced, not only in Singapore but worldwide. And that is Grab and Uber.


Grab, which is available in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and United States, is a transportation service that get you a driver to drive you to your destination.

It provides the user to choose between GrabTaxi, GrabCar and GrabHitch. Let’s look into details on all of these services provided by Grab.

GrabTaxi, higher chance for user to get a taxi than flagging a taxi. All of these taxi are the standard taxi that you can find on the road or if you are feeling rich, you could get a Limo Taxi too, and that is with the additional help from Grab and so it reduce the waiting time to get a taxi. As for the fares, refer to this link as charges may change over time.

GrabCar, which provides 5 different kind of GrabCar service such as GrabCar (Economy), GrabCar (Premium), 6-Seater (Economy), 6-Seater (Premium) and 13-Seater. It is your so-called personal driver which are different from standard taxi which takes you from your current location to your destination. Fares are all calculated for you so you don’t have to calculate it yourself. Every GrabCar drivers are quality drivers and Personal Accident Insurance is covered. Refer to this link for information about charges.

GrabHitch, is a carpooling service whereby users could share rides and also save cost. You can get to meet new people too (and maybe make some friends). This is best for people who always take a cab as it is the most affordable service yet. Best of all, it is a cashless transaction so you don’t have to take out your wallet when you alight the cab. For more information, refer to this link.

Don’t worry, all rides are all licensed by LTA, legal and insured. Best of all, you get to choose which kind of payment you want to use, either cash or cashless payment.

Personally, I use GrabHitch a lot than other services because you know, I don’t really have a lot of money so yea 🙂

Next up, Uber.


Uber is another transportation service which is similar to Grab but it is available to more countries and cities. Compared to Grab, there is much more higher chance of getting a cab with Uber than Grab but the fares are much more expensive than Grab.

Uber provides 6 services such as UberX, UberXL, UberExec, UberLarge, Standard Taxi and UberPOOL.

UberX is for those who want to take rides in a affordable way, UberXL is for large group of people and it is still affordable, UberExec is for those who are feeling rich, UberLarge is for large group of people in a premium ride, Standard Taxi is just another taxi that you can find on the road and UberPOOL, is just another carpooling service.

Well, I don’t really explain it again because it is really similar to Grab. No offence! Peace!

So between these two, which is better?

Personally, I would choose Uber because there is much more higher chance for me to get a ride than Grab (there is always a ride for you no matter what time is it). Even though it is much more expensive, but when there is really no Grab driver wanna take you, Uber will be another option.

Well, I don’t want to spent tons of money on a car transportation service so I would request a ride on Grab first and if there is really no driver wanna take you, I would then request on Uber.

Honestly, Uber and Grab are great car transportation service no matter which you choose. Their service is really amazing than the standard taxi.

For those who are not using either Uber or Grab yet, you should try !

For those who want to sign up with Uber, sign up using this referral link: or this referral code: jonl892

  • You will get a free ride up to SGD10

For those who want to sign up with Grab, sign up using this referral code: 69E1C6

  • You will get free ride up to SGD8

Also, Grab and Uber is both available on iOS and Android. Download them now !

Grab for iOS:

Grab for Android:

Uber for iOS:

Uber for Android:

Alright, that is all for me! Thank you for reading!

Jon signing out ! Peace !


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