All about 2015

2015 is gonna be over soon, left with a few hours more.

Before it end, let’s look back at what 2015 have bring us.

At first before the start of 2015, I thought life would be the same as usual. I’m gonna be like, going to school study, then work then study then work and yea, keep on repeating.

Been busy for a couple of things, errands to be done and stuff.

Especially my driving and I’m going to have my test on the 9th January 2016 !

I didn’t know until on the 06 July 2015, someone special came into my life and change how I do things.

Someone that I didn’t expect came into my life and I don’t regret or sad about anything.

I’m actually very happy that I have such an amazing somebody being part of my life.

And her name, Xuan Yin.

Even though we always have our arguments, but I really love her a lot. Well,  people say “打是情骂是爱” right?

Having her in my life is the sweetest and happiest things that ever happen in my life and I really appreciate everything that she have done for me.

I really wish I could do more for her in return because I don’t think that I’ve done enough…

I love you, my dear ❤

Anyways, that’s all for this post.

Yea, I know. This post is very short for look-back-2015 but that’s basically my life? HAHAHA !


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