♥ Our 3rd month ♥

Hi ! It’s been a long time since I blog because I’ve been busy with work and stuff.

Today marks our 3rd month being together without us knowing, time fly way too fast when we are having fun together and staying happily each day.

This post, I’m gonna talk about us which includes how I think about you, how I really feel being with you and how I really feel without you being by my side.

Like I said, it has been 3 months being together with you and I’m really really happy to have you as my girlfriend. You are always being there for me when I need someone to accompany me.

You ask me whether or not I’m sick of your princess attitude, sick of your annoying behavior, sick of your whatsoever, my answer to you will always be a NO. I’m not sick of your princess attitude, I’m not sick of your annoying behavior and I’m not sick of your whatsoever. I love you for who you are and I accept you for who you are. I actually don’t care about all these things, what I only do care about is that I love you and you love me.

Without you being by my side, I feel lonely. I feel that there’s something missing, like I lost something. Without you being by my side, it feels weird. Because I already got used to being with you, enjoying my time with you and suddenly you’re gone. That’s the feeling that I always got when I’m not with you and I hate it so much. Knowing that I can’t meet you for a few days, it seriously driving me crazy but I won’t show it. I will keep my smile on my face, knowing that I’m gonna meet you real soon. That’s how much I wanna see you badly even though I won’t show it through my expression but deep inside me, I really miss you, a lot.

Basically, I love you a lot. I enjoy a lot whenever I’m with you and I hope you are enjoying yourself too when you are with me. I’m sorry that I can’t always be there for you physically whenever you need me to accompany you but just remember this, deep inside me I really really want to be there for you both physically and virtually because you are my priority.

I know you might think that I post this is just for people to see it, gaining viewers and so on but it’s not. Whatever I’ve said here, it’s the fact and it came from deep inside my heart. Last but not least, I just want to tell you that…



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