My special someone

Hi ! Starting a new blog and I hope to update this blog more frequently. I hope so, hahahaha !!

Special someone

Anyways, I met a special someone in my life in Nanyang Polytechnic and I got together with her on the 6th of July and her name is Xuan Yin.
Almost everytime we are FaceTime-ing 😛

How I get together with her

Well, it all started when I first talk her on WhatsApp and we chat every single day without fail since then.
One day, we went out with our clique to Jurong East and was ice skating. I ask her to help me out because it is my first time skating.
I hold her hand and then she help me out with skating and for the whole time, I was holding her hand. The thing is, she doesn’t mind at all. I was like… wow !
After that, we went to Party World KTV at Clementi and that’s when things happen, something amazing happen that has never happen to me before.
She came to my side and lie on my shoulder. WOW ! The best part is that I put my hands around her and let her rest on me. That is when I started to have feelings for her.
See, how cute she is? 😍


During that time, I wasn’t ready for any relationship and I made a mistake by telling her that I’m not ready for relationship, can we just be friends? That is the most stupid mistake I ever make. I think that I only care about myself, didn’t care about her feelings during that time.
I continue to chat with her like I normally would and at the same time, was deciding whether or not to confess to her and ask her to be my girlfriend.
2 weeks, that’s the time I gave myself and finally I got the final decision. The decision to open up my heart, letting her in to my heart.
And so, I asked. She said yes. That’s on 6th of July. During that time I told myself, I’m the one who make this decision, don’t ever regret.
And now, it’s been 2 months and I still love her, more and more each day. 😍

2 months and counting

We been through hell, been through heaven during that 2 months but no matter what obstacles we went into, I would find a way to get around with it and I hope she does the same thing.

I know this love letter is short, but what I do care about is to tell you that I love you



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